As a student government organization, GSA's mission is to represent the interests of all graduate students in university affairs. GSA maintains relationships with graduate students, our university administrators and officials. This close contact gives graduate students a voice at our university. In addition, GSA's membership in the National Association of Graduate and Professional Students (NAGPS) gives it a national voice.

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All NJIT graduate students are already members of GSA! Portions of the graduate fees paid with the school tuition allows students full access to all the benefits that the GSA provides. As student representatives from all graduate programs are the critical element in ensuring student representation, representatives are made available to their respective constituencies with regular department wide feedback sessions. These sessions allow all students to express their opinions, comments and difficulties to their representative. Representatives then work with department administration to resolve any issues. This structure provides students a powerful voice in their departments and on campus. Representatives are also available with weekly office hours to provide any assistance necessary to their fellow graduate students.
To get involved with the GSA, please contact your Assembly Rep or email us at gsa-vppr@njit.edu

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Chinese Scholars and Students AssociationLe Gaolg282@njit.edu
Veteran Students OrganizationCarly Millercmm57@njit.edu
PhD ClubSuchandra Dassd585@njit.edu
Iranian Students AssociationFatemeh Mohammadifm298@njit.edu
Deep CS ClubTBAgsa-vppr@njit.edu
Data Science ClubConnor Watsoncww5@njit.edu
Indian Student Association - SanskarSaurav Harjaish625@njit.edu
Institute of Electrical and Electronics EngineersChizhong Wangcw278@njit.edu
Graduate Society of Women EngineersSuchandra Dassd585@njit.edu
Biomedical Engineering SocietyApurva Limaanl2@njit.edu
Science and Politics ClubWilliam Howh258@njit.edu
The VectorCarmel Rafalowskieboard@njitvector.com
Nucleus YearbookStephanie Nieve-Silvanucleus@njit.edu
WJTB Geek RadioMarisa Ghilarducciwjtb@njit.edu

Assembly Members

NamePositionContactOffice Hours
Ludvik AlkhouryPresidentgsa-pres@njit.eduMonday 11:30-1:30 PM
Omar ItaniVP Academicsgsa-vpa@njit.eduTuesday 4-5 PM
Jun YuanVP Programminggsa-vppr@njit.eduFriday 12-2PM
TBDVP Financegsa-tres@njit.eduTBD
Emily GutierrezVP Communicationgsa-sec@njit.eduFriday 10 AM-12 PM
Brandon BehringTravel Awardsbmb29@njit.eduWednesday and Thursday 2 PM-3:30 PM
Architecture & Design (USYS)Elmer GutierrezTBDgsa-coad@njit.edu
Biomedical EngineeringJose J. RodriguezTBDgsa-bmed@njit.edu
Biological SciencesElizabeth CroninTBDgsa-biol@njit.edu
Chemical & Materials EngineeringAlina EmelianovaAshvin Kumar Vasudevgsa-chme@njit.edu
Computer ScienceNiloofar AghaieabianeAnupam Babukrishnagsa-cs@njit.edu
Chemistry & Environmental SciencePengyi ZhaoTBDgsa-chev@njit.edu
Civil & Environmental EngineeringCelina SemaanTBDgsa-cee@njit.edu
Electrical & Computer EngineeringFatemeh ShakibaVictor Buigsa-ece@njit.edu
Informatics Hari Hara Sudaan KrishnaNisha Ravichandrangsa-info@njit.edu
Management (BDS)Ajim UddinTBDgsa-mtsm@njit.edu
Mathematical SciencesBinan GuConnor Robertsongsa-math@njit.edu
Mechanical & Industrial EngineeringHongling DengAyush Oberoigsa-mie@njit.edu
PhysicsYuqian WeiEmine Karamangsa-phys@njit.edu

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